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Do you notice intense fear, shame, or rage? Do you feel helpless, powerless, or hopeless? Do you notice avoidance? Do you have nightmares or flashbacks? Have you noticed heightened alertness? Do you experience dissociation or withdrawing from others? Do you have chronic anxiety or depression? These are only a few examples of what a traumatized individual can experience.

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Trauma can be an event, a series of events, or a set of enduring conditions that overwhelm your nervous system in a way in which you do not feel like you will survive. Trauma affects both the body and the brain. Whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, abuse, loss, witnessing violence, childhood trauma, complex trauma, or regular exposure to something terrible—to name only a few. Together, we will work to help you claim (for the first time) or reclaim your identity as a healthy, whole, and integrated individual

How do you cope?

Each person and situation are unique. Therefore, we all cope differently. Some people like to talk it all out in detail. In contrast, some people use external factors such as unhealthy relationships, alcohol, drug abuse, or other maladaptive behaviors. Here are a few questions to consider: what happens when there is no one else to talk to, substance abuse, relationships, old patterns, or maladaptive behaviors no longer help you escape the painful emotional and physiological feelings of trauma?

There are endless techniques for working with trauma. Our staff at SafePointe are experts in their fields, and we work hard every day to create a non-threatening environment of understanding and safety.

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Trauma can take many forms

Trauma can be missed because trauma memory is often felt in or through the senses and stored in the body—not simply linguistically. Sometimes a traumatized individual can experience:

  • Numbing of feelings or body sensations
  • Painful self-beliefs that intensify distressing feelings or bodily responses
  • Strong unpleasant responses to things like touch or a particular noise
  • Feeling disconnected from oneself or those around them
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Fear of abandonment
  • And so many other things

Would you like to live beyond survival?

We are not looking to simply diagnose you and give you homework. We aim to help you work through your trauma. We want to help you understand the survival strategies that might have been resourceful in the past but are not resourceful anymore. Your past does not have to control your future. We will work slowly and carefully to help you identify your resilience, strength, and ability to live free from trauma’s hold.

Will you let us take this first step with you?

SafePointe is a community of people who understand trauma, are informed about what it means, and want to bring you into a calming environment. Call us or send a quick email. We are so excited to get to know you!

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