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About the Practice

A key component of healing is feeling safe—emotionally, environmentally, and physically. Therefore, SafePointe aims to foster a safe and non-judgmental environment where you are respected and empowered to explore your strengths, find the answers within yourself, and implement the change you want for your life.

Why is there a deer theme?

One day, I looked out my window and found a doe, standing still, and gazing into my room. Uncertain of whether she was looking at me, I began walking from one window to the next and discovered that she was indeed looking at me. As we stood with our eyes locked, I noticed one of her legs appeared to be injured — this proved to be true as she later limped her way to the head of my bedroom window to lay down.

About the Practice | SafePointe

I, then, noticed a buck in the distance. As I looked at him, I realized the two deer were together. This became increasingly clear by the buck’s loyalty to staying at the beautiful doe’s side. He appeared to be keeping watch over her, vigilantly monitoring her and their surroundings.

About the Practice | SafePointe

As I continued to observe the buck and the doe, I thought about how the buck did not do anything to fix the doe’s leg or rid the doe of the pain. Instead, he was there with her, never leaving her, vigilantly watching over her and their environment, and the doe appeared to rest peacefully despite her injury.

What does this have to do with therapy?

In treatment, the history of  your current pain will not just disappear, but you will not be alone in times of pain, challenges, or difficulties. SafePointe will be walking alongside you on your journey to hope, health, healing, and transformation. Here are a few elements incorporated during our sessions:

Turning Inward

Looking inward and exploring what is beneath patterns, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings can be scary. SafePointe strongly believes no one should have to do it alone. Often times, we have the answers within ourselves and we know what to do, but we do not realize it, or something interferes with our ability to implement change. We believe in helping people discover the answers within themselves, explore what gets in their way, and co-create more helpful and adaptive strategies to address the issues.

Going Deeper

Find acceptance and discover truth and wisdom in the inward/hidden parts of you.

Slowing Down

Traumatic memories are often felt through the five senses and stored in the body. I invite you to slow down and recognize the experience of your embodied brain. We will work together to increase insight and promote healing from the inside out.


Difficult circumstances in life can fragment the embodied brain. We will work toward integrating the fragmented parts so you may live a life that is whole in mind, spirit, and body. You should see transformed relationships with, not only others, but yourself.

Trauma-Informed Environment

SafePointe sees the presence of trauma symptoms and how they affect individuals, families, groups, and communities. We are committed to fostering an environment of safety, trust, honesty, and collaboration. A place where your voice is heard.

About the Practice | Korisma Grant | SafePointe

You can expect

You can expect empathy, compassion, and to be listened to as you realize your strength in your darkest times. As your therapist, I will be here to walk with you on your journey to hope, health, healing, and transformation. Rest assured; you are not alone.

Want to reach out?

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